Tuesday, October 14

Sungmin Minnie Minnie

Hye E.L.F

Sungmin is getting married.
Yes. Its real.
VERY real.
Its the end of KyuMin era.
Farewell KyuMin shippers.
The ship is sinking. Deep. Like Titanic.

I'm okay. As long as hes part of SuJu. No hiatus. No "taking unknown-how-long break".

May you life happily ever after.

Save the date ELFs. 13 December 2014.


Wednesday, August 20

Everything happen for a reason

Theres a point in life where everything gets harder. You never know how strong you are until being strong is your only choice. Challenge come and go. All you have to do is face it. And it will pass.

Forever look forward. Never look back.
Moving on is the only option and no one in this whole world can stop you.

When it gets hard,cry. Then stand up and walk straight.

You can do it. You can get through this. Good things will come,eventually.

When waves crushes your sand castle, you can always build it again, stronger, better.

Struggles make you treasure life more. Your challenges are the most precious lesson in your life. No one can overcome it better than you do.

Be confident. Held your head up high. Believe in yourself.

Everything happen for a reason.

Sunday, March 9


MH370.. I'm waiting for you.. WE, MALAYSIAN are waiting for you..
Please do come back..
Eventhough the passengers are from various country, we are all praying that each one of you come back safe!


The Guy

The Guy
Super Junior's 'Evil Magnae'